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Guide to charges

Charges may depend upon the individual’s own needs, evaluation and care plan, but below is a list of our Standard Charges:

£ Per day
Independent Visit (Up to 2.5 hours)
£22.00 Per session
Times:Between 10:00 & 16:00
Hourly day rate
£25 Per hour
Times:Including Sundays & hours before 10:00 or after 16:00
Half day (Up to 3.5 hours)
£32 Per session
Times:Between 10:00 & 16:00
Day (Over 3.5 and up to 6 Hours)
£64 Per day

Access to land for own use with carer/Independent Visit Up to 2.5 hours
We welcome clients who want to visit Lindfield with their
own carers. It is a good place to come for some exercise, a
picnic or just to relax and see the animals. Lindfield is a neutral
venue for meeting family or friends. This standard charge does
not include involvement in any organised activity. £21.00 per client
Prior notice is essential.

(This charge is for clients and own staff but someone from the Lindfield staff team will be on the premises for support if needed in an emergency or on Health and Safety grounds.)

There will be a 5% discount granted when payment is received, in full, at time of session.
If paying by invoice, a 5% discount on the following invoice will be given, if the previous invoice is paid in full within 20 days of invoice date.